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How to Repurpose your Content as a Nonprofit: FREE DOWNLOAD INSIDE

Updated: Mar 28

Making content every day is a daunting task, especially for someone who is often busy and not very enthusiastic about writing. It's a whole process, but there's a trick to it. You may want to read till the end, I have a toolkit for you.

Have you thought about resharing an old post? Repurposing content is taking existing content and re-using it in a new context so that a new audience can see it. There's nothing wrong with reposting old content again and again. People check your site or social media pages every day, hungry to find something worthwhile that is hiding at the bottom of the pile.

A good content repurposing strategy relies on repurposing high-performing content.

It is okay to worry that reposting old content might make you appear lazy or that some of your listeners might be able to tell it's an old post. Don't worry, you are simply presenting the information in a better format to suit their preference.

These are some reasons why you should repurpose your content: It is more time-efficient, helps your team to be more productive, positions your organization as an expert, and attracts more people to your organization.

So how exactly can you repurpose your content? Here are a few ideas to get you going

  • Turn written content or an update to an existing post into a moving video. Simply add your own tips to an already existing post, or make a new post based on an existing one. An average person enjoys watching a video much more than reading a blog or any written content, a video may enable you to grow your audience

  • Turn a FAQ to a BlogPost: Your audience asks a lot of questions every time, have you considered turning one of these frequently asked questions into a blog post? If you have already answered some of these questions as a post on social media, you can use a blog post to go deeper into the topic.

  • Blog posts can be turned into social media posts: Blog posts are long-form content. You can easily read through your blog post and get quotes or shorter information to share on social media

  • Put your post together as an infographic: You can use infographics to represent lists, statistics, and whatever else needs to be portrayed visually. It's an undisputed fact that people consume content better when it is visual. Check here for some really good tools you can use to create an infographic.

  • Read your blog post aloud and turn it into a Podcast-It may be necessary to tweak the text a little to adjust it to spoken words.

  • Turn your youtube video or long-form video into short video clips for social media. You can also take out quotes from the videos and use them on a graphic copy

  • Your guest interviews can be repurposed into podcast content, blog posts, and also email newsletters

To efficiently create as much content as you need for your organization, you would need different tools and apps to ensure you have something beautiful and attractive to your audience.

Check here for my selected online toolkit specially designed for nonprofits.

Content creation can be efficient when content from existing sources is utilized to feed new ideas or to breathe new life into existing content. I hope that now you have a better idea of what you can do to use the content you have already done more effectively and profitably

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