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It is time to raise money for your project as a nonprofit. You have conceived that great idea and now you feel incapacitated. The question in your heart is: How do I raise funds for this project? This is a very important question, but I want you to know that you aren’t the only one asking this question. Many people are eager to support your organisation’s amazing work, for all kinds of reasons. Your responsibility is to connect with these people and create avenues via which they can do so easily and secure without much hassle. This is why we are writing you this piece, to teach you how to raise money online for your nonprofit.

This article will help you with a few simple ways to raise funds online even if you are a newbie or a professional. Do not hesitate to share with your friends and colleagues who are also doing amazing work in the nonprofit space like yourself.


The first thing to establish when raising funds for your nonprofit online is to set up a donation page that helps to establish the credibility of your organisation and provides brief information about what the donation would be used for. A donation page is a web page where donors can easily and safely make a donation to your cause. This page can be on your nonprofit’s website or landing page. Your donation page should be easy to understand with the right call to action.

Make sure your donation page is optimised for both mobile and laptop devices. According to Nonprofits Source, mobile-responsive design helps nonprofits increase their donations by 126% on average.

As you commit to your fundraising make sure your audience is updated on how far gone you are in raising the said funds for your project. This helps to establish credibility.


Sending out letters to potential donors helps to reach donors that may not be actively available online. Also, a more effective way to reach more people will be to send a fundraising mail. A direct mail fundraising packet typically contains a graphic image of the project, a compelling letter that highlights the purpose of the fundraising, and the call to action. You can also encourage recipients to re-share the content or talk to their close relatives and friends about your project. According to Nonprofits Source reports targeting customers on a 1:1 level increases response rates up to 50% or more. Including a brochure of your past project can also help in amplifying your work and getting more donors on board. Remember to keep your emails short and simple with different giving options for your donors.


If you belong to a community or a group that constantly puts money together for a cause, you probably would find it easy to understand what crowdfunding means. This is the most common fundraising alternative nonprofits use today. A crowdfunding campaign, however, is an attempt to reach more people. Here, a crowd of people that likely do not share the same geographical location, come together online to fund a project or program. Each person makes a donation towards an overall bigger goal. To get started, platforms like Donorbox,, and donate-ng serve as great options for setting up your own crowdfunding campaign.


It is advisable that you grow a community of people who are equally passionate about your work or join a larger community committed to such projects. By this, you are exposed to a support system that would be more than ready and glad to give to your cause. Raising money for nonprofits can be more effective and efficient when your supporters help champion your cause. Your community may consist of volunteers, donors, friends, family, colleagues, and board members. They are more likely to give to your cause than a stranger who you might need to educate about your cause before they are comfortable giving to your cause.


A community is characterised by certain values and shared interests and purposes. It is easier to get those who share your interests and values, to give to your cause than those who do not. It is surely a great strategy for nonprofits to have an active community of people who have given towards the course of the organisation. This makes it easier to reach them when they need to raise funds for another project arises. Platforms like Facebook group, WhatsApp and others can serve to build such communities. It is very important to also create a community engagement strategy to keep them updated with what the organisation is doing.


As a nonprofit organisation, you can sell a service to raise funds for your organisation. If for example you run a health-based organisation, and you have professionals working with you, your organisation can offer professional services to organisations as training or you can create a training program online for people who might be in need of it. All you need to do is identify the problem your nonprofit can solve and prepare a service or product that you can sell to make money. Simply let people know that proceeds go to your organisation and get ready to put your all into marketing it properly.

Online fundraising is here to stay and it is important you create a fundraising strategy and a digital strategy to coordinate the activities online to ensure you can guarantee success in your fundraising. Now is a good time to start.

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