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How to Effectively use Social Media for your Non-Profit

Digital media is the latest innovation that is driving many industries and sectors of the global economy. From the educational sector to the cyber industries, the positive impacts of digital/social media are too numerous to mention.

Out of all that, another industry is looking to join the fray. That is the nonprofit industry. Indeed, there are many ways that nonprofit and charity organizations can start leveraging digital media to bolster their reach and influence.

How can you leverage Social Media for your Organization?

Are you looking to see what the future of non-profits will look like when they start using social media? You have come to the right place to get the answers to the questions you seek answers to.

Here are some of the ways that social media can be profitable for non-profits:

1. Have a Social media Strategy: A strategy is the very first thing you should have before you consider doing anything on social media. You need a social media strategy and a content strategy. What these help you do is to determine the different strategies to use for advertising your programs, show casing your organization and appealing to the right audience. If you have not started working with one, the right time is now. Decide on the goal you want to achieve and plot a plan to achieve that using content and your platforms

2. Build a Connection

Understandably, you are looking for a way to attract new volunteers to support the activities of your non-profit. However, you may have been the wrong thing all these while if you haven’t built a connection.

Take the time to see if the different strategies you have been using all along have helped intimate the target audience of your goals. If it hasn't, it is time to start working towards that.

The rule of thumb is that social media avails you a wider platform to intimate people of your non-profit’s projects, goals, and relevant activities.

Create content that resonates with your audience and build trust and confidence in your organization using content marketing. You can learn how to create great content here

3. Use Hashtags

You want the embers of your non-profit to be fanned all the time, don’t you? The best way to do this on social media is to use hashtags. Hastags help you get visibility and pop up on the frequent searches of your target audience. Do an extensive hashtag research and use at least 30 on Instagram, 5-7 on facebook, 3 on twitter and linkedin.

4. Become a Storyteller

People engage more with issues that are replicated in the form of stories. It is time you learned the art of storytelling and start using the same to push the advancement of your nonprofit.

Share stories of your beneficiaries, stories from the field. Get your volunteers to give their on view on certain happenings during events, use videos and pictures to drive engagement to your stories and you will definitely attract people to your organization.

5. Create Valuable Content

Content creation is the process of creating information that is appealing to your audience in different formats which can be video, text, audio, infographic, quotes etc. As a nonprofit, you are not left out in the business of creating content. You need to be intentional and actively create content that inspires, motivates, educates and entertains your audience or else you may loose them from too many donation posts. The most cost effective way to stand out on social media as a nonprofit is to create quality content. Interested in learning how to create content for your organization? Check this out

There is defintely alot more work that needs to be done with social media especially for nonprofit organization. However, I believe these 5 steps are a great way to start to leverage on social media and harness it's power for your organization.

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