We Deliver Growth

Ellah Communications was founded by Emmanuella Imo, a savvy lady who takes delight in caring for others, especially those in the Non-Profit Organization (NPO) niches.
We aim to help Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Faith-Based Organizations to gain visibility online by teaching and directing them on how to maximize the opportunities in Social Media to push the cause of their organizations.
We also help NGOs and Faith-Based Organizations to take advantage of Digital Marketing tools (including Content Creation and Paid Ads) to attract more recognition to their organizations.
Times have changed over the years, and the way nonprofits were run in the last 10 years isn't the same today.
That is why you need to prioritize Social Media usage and Digital Marketing tactics as the primary channels of gaining visibility for the advancement of the goals your nonprofit organization wants to achieve.
Ellah Communications is always ready to offer valuable advice and strategic moves you can make to impact more lives using the combination of Social Media and Digital Marketing services we offer.